Measuring and Control System


The Differential Pressure Measuring System measures the Differential Pressure across the Ball Separator Screen continuously and when it exceeds the preset limit, initiates the backwashing operation of the screens, after collecting the Balls.

Options Available

  • With DP Transmitter/with DP Gauge/with DP Switches
  • With Remote Seal type Transmitter/non-remote seal type Transmitter with flushing arrangement



* Automatic
* Manual
Initiation * Local
* Remote (DCS)
Indication * Process MIMIC with Indication or LCD
* Audio/Visual alarms for fault diagnosis
Control System * Choice of Relay or PLC based systems with or without Redundancy

A floor mounted programmable logic control based/relay based Control Panel for Automatic and Manual operation of the system with necessary Audio/Visual alarm/indications are provided for easy operation and ease of fault tracing. The system can be initiated locally or from the plant main control station. Necessary potential free controls shall be provided in the control panel.

Control Panel shall be complete with

  • Mimic panel with pilot lamps indicating the actual position of each working element with any eventual defect, electrical and process failure. Mimic will be provided with touch protection.
  • Pressure drop indication (local indication)
  • Main switch lockable in off - position
  • Switch from automatic to manual operation
  • Anti-condensation heaters
  • Voltage transformers
  • Internal wirings etc,.
  • All alarms/indications as necessary are provided
  • Any additional feature as required shall be incorporated in to the system
Optional Items Offered
  • Ball Recirculating Monitor
  • Ball Oversize Monitor
  • Ball Oversize cum Ball Recirculating Monitor
  • Ball Sorter

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