Direct Cooling – Air Cooled Condenser


Largest Air Cooled Condenser made by GEA Energietechnik GmbH, Germany – 6 × 665 MW Matimba Power Station, South Africa (1991)

ACC for 95 MW Combined cycle Power plant at Tamilnadu Electricity Board, Perungulam
(Steam flow – 118.7 TPH)

In an Air Cooled Condenser, exhaust steam flows from the steam turbine through large ducts to a steam distribution manifold. This manifold is on the top of the ACC plant feeding an array of fin tube heat exchangers. While exhaust steam flows inside the core tubes, cooling air is drawn through the fins by large fans.

The air takes the heat from the exhaust steam, which converts to condensate. The condensate is collected in the condensate storage tank and transferred to storage tank/Deaerator.

Various configurations of Fin tubes such as "KL" fin tubes, "LL" fin tubes, "G" fin tubes, Extruded fin tubes, Hot dip galvanized (A) tubes and rectangular tubes with round edge having Aluminum fins (ALEX) are supplied by GCT. The hot dip galvanized tubes and ALEX tubes are the latest generation fin tubes.

The best operating characteristics have been achieved with the condenser dephlegmator scheme (KD scheme) Some 85% of all ACC supplied worldwide are equipped with a combination of parallel flow (condenser) and counter flow (dephlegmator) heat exchangers. The KD scheme provides some great advantages like no blanks zones (dead zones) within the heat transfer surface; very high operating stability during all load transients (turbine load fluctuation, bypass operation, air temperature fluctuation); absolutely safe even under extremely low temperatures (minus 50° C) and under low load conditions.

The heat transfer optimization of the fin tube has led to an elliptical shape/rectangular shape with round edge and to an enlargement of the cross section of the core tube. The so called "A - tube", tube which has been in use since 1981 and the "Alex" tubes which has been predominantly used since 2000 represent current state-of-the-art Fin Tube design.

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