Hybrid Cooling Towers


The saturated air leaving conventional wet cooling towers is visible at certain climatic conditions. Depending on site conditions, this visible cooling tower plume has to be avoided.

In recent years, hybrid-cooling towers or plume abatement systems have been employed basically to avoid formation of visible plumes.

The plume abatement cooling system features a wet cooling tower which provides most of the cooling capacity and a dry system which is designed to produce dry hot air.

The low humidity hot air stream from the dry system is mixed with the moist warm air leaving the tower must be sufficiently low to prevent the formation of visible plumes. The hot water from the power station surface condenser is cooled to the design discharge temperature as it passes in series first through the dry section and then through the wet section of the tower.

GEA has been active in the design and engineering of hybrid cooling towers for over two decades.

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