Mechanical Draught Cooling Towers


  • Single largest induced draft cooling tower (1500 MW) - 100000 m3/hr with 32 cells made of pultruded fiber glass
  • RKM Powergen (1400 MW) - Single largest induced draft cooling tower in India - 2 x 100000 m3/hr
  • KSK Energy (540 MW) - 80000 m3/hr
  • Anrak Aluminium - 44000 m3/hr
  • RRVUNL (330 MW) - 24000 m3/hr
  • Hindusthan Zinc (Vedanta) - 2 x 16000 m3/hr
  • Spectrum Power - 15000 m3/hr
  • Bhushan Power & Steel - 3 x 28000 m3/hr

Multi-cell induced draft cooling towers stand out because of their compact structure and have been in use for approximately 60 years.

While natural draft wet cooling towers are typically installed at large power stations, multi-cell cooling towers equipped with forced draft or induced draft fans are often the solution of choice for industrial applications but at the same time used for power plant cooling. The fans push or draw the cooling air through the tower. As building material for this comparatively compact structure, concrete, plastic as well as combinations of these materials can be used. Multi-cell design allows an adjustment of the cooling output to cooling load and ambient conditions. The multi-cell design guarantees further a high availability. The modularity of the installation achieves a maximum of prefabrication and quick erection. GEA multi-cell cooling towers are equipped with fills and other systems specified for the application.

Area of application
For all industries, example power plants, chemical and petrochemical, steel, process and air conditioning systems; for any cooling water flow and heat capacity.

    Key features
    Through the use of multi-cell cooling tower systems, cooling capacity can be flexibly designed to fit the process requirements and environmental conditions. Furthermore, the multi-cell design guarantees a high availability. Individual cells can be maintained and, if necessary, drained while the system is in operation. This cooling tower design is advantageous for limited water inlet to water outlet temperature differentials of 10 K or less and for short depreciation periods.

    Depending on the process and application, GEA multi-cell cooling towers feature the following:

  • Induced-draft fans
  • Down-spray or up-spray nozzles
  • Risers from e.g. concrete, glass fiber reinforced plastic or steel inside or outside the cells
  • Fills of any nature
  • Fans of any design
  • Very compact cooling tower designs, small footprint, optimum cold water temperature control by fan speed control, low pumping costs.

All together erection and investment costs are low. Because of the modular design of cell cooling tower systems a high degree of pre-fabrication as well as quick erection is possible.

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