Balance of Plant Supply of Equipment and Services (BOP)

Turnkey solutions through integration of Balance of Plant Electrical package for Hydro Power Projects. The equipment/systems covered by us are Power Transformers, Power Evacuation systems, Auxiliary Transformers, IPBD, HT/LT/Control cables, HT/LT Switchgears, MCC, DC System, Battery & Battery Chargers, UPS, Cabling, Earthing and Illumination .

EPD offers Balance of Plant (BOP) Electrical works for Hydro Plants on single point responsibility basis. The BOP Electrical work will typically comprise of:

  • Power Evacuation Scheme including Generator Transformer
  • Isolated Phase Bus Ducts
  • Site Acceptance Tests & User Acceptance Tests
  • Plant Electrical comprises of: LT Switchgear, Cabling & Control of all plant systems such as Cooling Water System, Drainage System & Dewatering system, Compressed Air System, HVAC System etc.
  • Station Auxiliary Supply
  • DC System
  • Earthing & Lighting
  • Electrical Workshop: Instrumentation and Accessories
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