Turnkey Engineering, Supply, Erection & commissioning of

  • Cooling Water System
    • Cooling water intake system CW Piping and Cooling Tower
    • Debris Filters, Condenser Tube Cleaning System, Self Cleaning Filters
    • ACW System, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers & PHE's
  • Water Treatment System
    • Pre Filtration, UF, Softening Plant
    • Condensate Polishing Unit
    • RO, DM Plant , Desalination Plants
  • Fuel/Material Handling System
    • Ash Handling system
    • Gas Conditioning Skid
    • Fuel Handling system
    • Fuel Handling system
  • General Mechanical Systems
    • IA/PA System
    • Fire Fighting System
    • EOT Crane
    • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
    • LP Piping
  Air cooled condenser, condensate, feed water and steam system
  • Exhaust steam ducting from the turbine exhaust flange to Air Cooled Condenser
  • Air Cooled Condenser
  • Condenser air evacuation system – steam jet air ejectors for holding, ejector for hogging or vacuum pumps
  • Condensate extraction pumps
  • Deaerator, boiler feed pumps
  • HP, LP heaters
  • Feed water piping
  • Main steam piping

  ACW System
  • Air cooled heat exchanger (radiator)
  • ACW pumps
  • Passivated DM water in circuit
  • ACW piping and valves

  Water System
  • Raw water/fire water reservoir
  • Raw water chlorination
  • Raw water pumps
  • Pre-treatment plant
  • Water treatment plant
  • Desalination Plant/Reverse Osmosis plant
  • Demineralisation plant
  • DM water storage tank
  • Effluent treatment plant

  Fuel Gas System
  • Fuel gas conditioning skid
    • Scrubber
    • Filter separators
    • Drain condensate tank with drain transfer pump (for disposal by drums)
    • Fuel gas pressure control station
  • Fuel gas System comprising of
    • Gas compressors
    • Centrifugal/Integral control system
    • Reciprocating type, electric motor driven
    • Gas Regulating system

  Miscellaneous Mechanical Systems
  • Fire Protection System
    • Hydrant System with motor driven pumps and diesel engine pumps
    • HVWS System
    • MVWS System
    • Common jockey pump
    • Portable Fire Extinguishers
    • Fire Alarm and Detection system
  • AC & Ventilation System
    • DX system for central control room and adjoining areas
    • Dry ventilation system for other areas
    • EOT Crane and hoists
    • EOT cranes
    • Manual Hoists for handling other equipment

  Compressed Air System
  • Reciprocating air compressors for Instrument and service air
  • Heatless driers
  • Air receivers one each for Instrument and Service air

  Emergency DG Set
  • Diesel Generator set
  • Fuel system with day tank
  • Protection and control panel

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