Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) are used to convert waste heat from the exhaust of combustion gas turbines (CGTs) into steam. The efficiency of the CT alone (simple cycle) can be in the 40% range. Recovery of the waste heat in a HRSG can boost cycle efficiencies to nearly 60%. The steam generated can be used for process heating (cogeneration), the production of power in a steam turbine (combined cycle), or both (combined heat and power or CHP).
  • NE Nooter/Eriksen Inc, USA, the largest manufacture of HRSG in the world, provides Technology and Technical Knowhow
  • The Technical Collaboration Agreement was signed on 06th January 2010
  • The Company Designs, Manufactures, Inspects, Installs, Commissions, Sells and/or Services of
    Single pressure and Multiple pressure level natural circulation Heat Recovery steam generators
  • Manufacturing facility is located in Panjetty Village in Tamil Nadu.
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