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Environmental Engineering Division - Deaerators, Membrane Based Water Treatment System, Demineralisation Plant, Desalination, Effluent / Sewage Treatment & Recycling Plants, Condensate Polishing Unit.
Air fin Cooler Division - Air Cooled Heat Exchangers, tube bundles, finned tubes
Oil & Gas Equipment Division - Products and turnkey services for transportation and storage of Oil & Gas.
Utility Boilers - Super-critical and
sub-critical boilers for power plants.
GEA-BGR Energy Systems India Limited - Condenser Tube Cleaning System and Debris Filter for Power and Desalination Plants
Power Projects Division - Turnkey EPC of Power Plants and Balance of Plants.
Electrical Projects Division - GIS Substations, OPGW, ADSS & OLTE, EHV Substations & Transmission Lines, Plant Electricals, Rural Electrification and BOP Electrical Package .
Turbine - Turbo Generator & Stream Turbine.