TNEB's Own Fibre Optic Network

The scope of the project is to build state-of-the-art Fibre Optic Network with Optical Line Terminal Equipments for Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) connecting their Regional Chief Engineer (RCE) Offices primarily, at 7 locations in Tamilnadu, for the transfer of services like Voice, Data & Video between the 7 locations to their Main Load Despatch Centre (MLDC) located at Chennai.

Building Fibre optic Network is on top of Power Lines primarily, on the 220 KV and 110 KV Transmission towers, replacing the existing earth wire by Optical Power Ground Wire (OPGW) under Live-Line conditions.

The above Fibre optic Network is supported by high-end configuration SDH and PDH Multiplexers of STM-4 and STM-1 capacities alongwith Regenerators, providing larger bandwidth for faster transmission of the above-mentioned services. The Network is continuously monitored and managed from remote ends through a sophisticated Network Monitoring System (NMS).

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