Construction Features

     Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are generally arranged as tube bundles side by side or mounted one over the
       other. The principal parts of tube bundles are headers and finned tubes (which has spiral wound or
       extruded fins upon the tubes). The process fluid is circulated inside the tube bundle.

     Axial flow fans are employed to move air uniformly across the tube bundles to cool/condense the process
       fluids. The fans principal can be driven by electric motors either directly or through V belt/HTD belts or
       gear box arrangement.

     Plenum Chambers distribute the air uniformly over the surface of tube bundle. Supporting structural is
        used to mount theprincipal tube bundle assembly.

     Platforms, grating and walkways are provided to access the headers and the tube bundles for

     The construction of air fin cooler structures are completely bolted type, to enable easy erection and

These heat exchangers are usually suitable for outdoor installation and in some cases they are mounted on pipe rack to save the floor space requirement.


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