Full Range of Deaerators

Corrosion is the prime enemy to efficient and trouble free operation of boilers in utility & industrial power stations. The destructive corrosion in boiler cycles is caused by the presence of gases such as Oxygen and Carbon dioxide and a low pH value.

Deaerator at National Fertilizer Ltd., Vijayapur

Today's employment of higher – pressure cycles has resulted in an even greater need to protect expensive components in the feed cycle from corrosion. A power plant would deteriorate rapidly from the ravages of corrosion if Deaeration of feed water was incomplete. The use of BGR Energy Deaeration system guarantees deaerated feed water with an oxygen content not exceeding 0.005 cc per liter (less than 7 parts per billion) and the reduction of Carbon dioxide concentration to near zero.

Marafiq Deaerator Deaerator installed at 12 x 230 MW Marafiq IWPP, Saudi Arabia, A/C Hyundai Heavy Industries, South Korea


1. Spray-Cum-Tray Type Deaerators

Model: Parallel Down Flow

Parallel Down Flow Technology, offered only by BGR Energy, has the design advantages as given below. The Deaerator performs equally well between the extremes of 100% make-up water (below 50° F) and mostly hot condensate as well as substantial flashing returns

Parallel Down Flow Spray  Tray Deaerator

     Handles higher stream flows through the tray stack.

     Requires the lowest temperature differential of any Deaerator to meet operating warranty; typically
       20 °F or less

     Water seal between trays and the spray section eliminates direct impingement of the spray on the
       trays and insures even distribution of the water over the tray stack.

     Higher steam velocities allow use of trays with less open area, which maximizes spilling edge and
       exposes a greater surface of the water to the stripping action of the stream.

     Optimized mixing plus higher steam velocity results in maximum gas removal efficiency.

     Only design that guarantees two-stage Deaeration.

Deaerating Trays

     One-piece construction, type 430 stainless steel.

     Easily handled by one person.

     The trays are designed so that the pressure shell does not come in contact with the un-deaerated
       water or concentrated non-condensable gases.

     The trays provide excellent performance because they have the highest spilling edge and baffling
       area available in any tray design which allows for maximum water "break-up" and retention time.


BGR Energy Parallel Down Flow Deaerators are available in all capacities ranging from 5 TPH to 4000 TPH. 

Model: Counterflow

Advantages of the Counterflow Method

     Cost competitive for large capacity applications

     Highly reliable for attaining specified results
       over a varying load range

Counterflow Spray  Tray Deaerator

     Simplicity and rugged design offers cost savings for many applications, especially where a high
       percentage of condensate returns are introduced

     Good selection for applications with very high percentage of flashing return condensate and for
       higher inlet temperature applications

     Easy access for spray nozzle inspection, even on smaller models

Deaerating Trays

Material is Type 430 Stainless Steel, assembled with Stainless Steel rivets. Each tray assembly consists of eight tray channels arranged in two staggered tires of four each.

2. Spray Type Deaerators

Many decades of experience have given the Stork Spray type deaerator a unique place in the deaerating industry. The patented design has been used world-wide in power plants and industrial installations to the full satisfaction. Continuous improvements and flexibility make it possible to provide highly competitive solutions for power plant design. With Stork Thermeq B.V., Netherlands, BGR Energy offers state of the art Technology at most competetive price.


    Spray Type Deaerator
  • Reduction of oxygen concentrations to levels below 7 ppb over wide operating ranges
    (10 to 110%).
  • High reliability/availability.
  • Single shell design & compact construction with low overall height.
  • Deaerated water available as soon as the deaerator is pressurised.
  • Sliding pressure operation possible, from vacuum (0.2 bar) to several bar over pressure.
  • Robust design, allowing very rapid load changes.
  • Capacity range at the outlet from 10 to 6000 ton/hour, special models possible.
  • Steam consumption savings by a very small vent flow, no vent condenser necessary.
  • Simple erection & high earthquake resistance.

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