Total Water Systems for Power and Process Industries

BGR Energy is a single source for Total Water Systems for large Size Power and Industrial Plants.


1. Pretreatment

BGR Energy offers a complete line of Filtration, Clarification & Membrane based systems (Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration) to handle any feed water source.


2. Membrane Based Solutions

With Technology from Crane Environmental Inc., USA, BGR Energy offers complete water solutions using advanced membrane technologies (Reverse osmosis, Nanofiltration etc.,) to treat water for Power & Process Industries.

Clariflocculator at
APGENCO – 1 x 500 MW Kakatiya TPS

View of RO Plant

UF Modules at Mannarai Common
Effluent Treatment Plant

3. Demineralisation Plant

Demineralization is a reversible interchange of ions present in water and resins to achieve very high purity water. Mixed Bed serves as a final polishing unit as a post treatment to Demineralization Plant and Reverse Osmosis to the requirements of the stringent feed water quality for high pressure boilers and other special applications.

BGR Energy has the experience, qualification and the capability to design, manufacture, supply, install, operate and maintain Demineralisation system for specific application requiring high quality water.

With technical Know-how from Crane Environmental Inc., USA, BGR Energy has successfully commissioned automatic PLC based Demineralisation Plants consisting of Activated Carbon Filter, Two bed/Three bed Deionisers and Neutralisation systems for major power plants.

DM Plant at 500 MW KTPP, Warangal. A.P

DM Plant at APGENCO – 1x 500 MW Kakatiya TPS

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