Effluent Treatment & Recycling Plants

Effluent Treatment with recovery is pertinent to meet increasing water demands. Today, membrane processes have been the choice, which offers resource recovery (water and chemical). However, feed water quality to membrane systems is an important criteria for sustainable effective operation and efficient performance of the system. The pretreatment modules for membrane system in various sectors are chemical precipitation, electro-coagulation, chlorination, ozonation, catalytic oxidation, bio-oxidation succeeded by pressure sand filter and activated carbon absorption etc. A well Engineered pretreatment module provides a stable, quality and long term performance of the membrane. Sustainable growth of any industry warrants water conservation through effluent recycle/reuse.

An important aspect for application of technology options for water recovery is effective and efficient operation of membrane system implemented. Therefore, selection of effective and appropriate treatment module is essential for achieving sustainable performance.

BGR Energy offers state of the art proven technologies for large size Membrane based Industrial Effluent Treatment. BGR Energy supplied Membrane based 12 MLD Effluent Treatment Plant, largest in India for Textile Effulent for Veerapandi, CETP leading to zero discharge.

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